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  • Silver on copper

    I am new to electroplating, and would like some guidance on what is required to add silver plating to copper. The copper transmission line at our FM transmitter site is made up of concentric copper pipes (Inside pipe about 3/4" dia., outside pipe about 3" diameter). The inner pipe sections are connected together using silver plated 'bullets' that fit on the inside of the pipe. There is a considerable temperature rise due to poor electrical contact between the silver plating of the bullet and copper pipe that I think would be improved if the inside of the pipe where the bullet fits were silver plated. I have various DC power supplies available, and a piece of pure silver 4"X1"X0.1" in size. Is the Silver Plating solution all that I need to plate the inside of the ends of the copper pipe?

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    Re: Silver on copper

    Silver should go right onto copper no problem. Get some silver solution, and use your piece of silver as a plating wand (not even required, you can use a stainless steel wand and the silver will plate from the solution, but will make the solution last much longer)
    Clean you pipe very well, connect the power and plate away.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      Re: Silver on copper

      Thanks for your response. I have ordered 4 oz. of the silver plating solution from your rep (Jim McMillen)in Port Perry.