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    I'm thinking BN plating on the lower half of the piston skirt, perhaps in a masked "wear rectangle" area on the thrust sides would be a good application. Particularly for two strokes. The main objective would be to provide some dry lubrication while the engine is warming up and delivering oil to the working surfaces. Also, it may provide some protection when an engine has been overheated due to stress and the oil is actually breaking down.

    Also, valve guides and perhaps, stems, might be another great location.

    I'm currently rebuilding an air-cooled racing thumper and think I'll try both mentioned areas with BN plate. I don't want to sell anything I haven't proved effective personally.

    Anybody actually tried these applications? Wonder what thickness makes sense? I'm thinking 1/2 mil. Comments?

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    I've personally done exactly what you are talking about in the past with two different products (ceramic for the dome of the piston, and a non-stick.... hence my name.... for the skirts and underside as well as connecting rods). This seems like a better alternative believe it or not. Who knows... I might have to change my nickname to "boron" if it works,lol. Keep us posted as to the results as I'm very curious. .5 mil sounds about right..... Russ


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      Engine Cylinder

      I have seen references to plating pistons but what about an 2 stroke aluminum cylinder? There are references to silicon nickle carbide (Nikasil) all over the place. The only problem I can find are references to the hardness of coating 1000Hv for boron nitride vs 4500Hv for silicon nickle carbide. If these hardnesses are correct then is Caswell going to come out with a silicon nickle carbide kit?