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Fast Gold Compared to std, product

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  • mcaswell
    Re: Fast Gold Compared to std, product

    FastGold tends to apply much quicker and easier, and give a brighter result.

    The improvement in the end product is reflected in the price difference in the products.

    To repair the stainless backs, you could either simply polish the steel, or replate with something. Nickel (Copy Chrome) should be avoided as some people have skin allergies to nickel products. Chrome (real chrome) should be ok. You'd need to strike nickel, copper, nickel and chrome them.

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  • Rusty Armstrong
    started a topic Fast Gold Compared to std, product

    Fast Gold Compared to std, product

    New questionsI know I'm a wearout!)
    1.)What is the difference and advantage of the Fastgold product compared to the standard gold product that you get in the plug and plate kit?
    2.) Stainless steele backs on alot of vintage watches are pitted with use. Which product would be best to use to repair this problem. (Fast Chrome?)
    Thanks agin,
    Rusty (Old watch Dog)