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  • Alloy Rims - HELP

    Just bought a new set of chromed alloy rims, they looked really nice till the wife used my car. Anyway, she managed to put numerous light gouges on the bead area of two of them. These gouges are about half inch long, and app. a 16th inch deep, and of course they are rough right now. I already bought the copy chrome plug and plate, but haven't tried to repair this yet. What type of filler or solder can I use? One that can be filed, sanded, polished, and plated? Will this kit do these small areas? Or do I need to buy a different kit? There's probably 10 or 12 gouges to be repaired. The rims are off the car and in my cellar, but still mounted with the tires. Any and all info on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping there's an easy way to touch up these areas of course, but will do whatever it takes. Thanks in advance..... [/i]

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    Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but I think this is going to be a major problem for you.

    First, how are you going to do these repairs to aluminum?
    Secondly, you'll need to zincate the part, then the plating MUST be done in total immersion.

    You can't do any plating to aluminum with a brush.
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    Caswell Inc
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      Alloy Rims

      Thanks for taking the time to educate me on this. Of course it wasn't what I wanted to hear, but had a feeling it would be a big problem. Again, thanks for the reply, been a pleasure doing business with Caswell, will continue to do so. Nice to deal with a pro outfit for a change. Mark