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Detail chrome plating for show parts!!

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  • Detail chrome plating for show parts!!

    Heya all

    My names Mark from Sydney, Australia.
    I run a small metal polishing business detailing show cars and bikes.

    I want to know if chrome plated aluminium cam covers will withstand the heat, or will they change colour like motorcycle headers?? Motorcycle headers get MUCH hotter than a cam cover, but is there any special process required to make it more "heat resistant"?? I dont do my own plating, and cant afford to chrome a customers cam cover to see if it works!! Id rather ask other platers opinion and see if what i want to do is ok!!

    ALSO is there a way i can get chrome into open concave curves?? I understand why chrome will not plate in there, but the plater i use now has done some good work for me, and some questionable work aswell. is there a way to get a better finish in the corners??

    Thanx for your time people