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  • debating purchase

    I have been interested for some time in learning how to plate. Particularly triple chrome plating. I want to do this for two reasons: first I want to plate several parts for my motorcycle and second I may want to concider making it into a small business sometime in the future. I purshased the manual to look through it first. I read through it several times and have somewhat of an understanding but it at least seems much more complicated than I origianlly thought. Is there too much to this than a true novice could take on without any prior knowledge?

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    Re: debating purchase

    Not at all. Our products are geared towards people who have never plated before. We offer free technical support on the web and phone.

    It takes a little practice to get good at it, so patience, determination and the ability to learn from mistakes are important.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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