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    In less than one month of having my kit, I have had 3 heaters burn up and 2 pumps fail on me, making it extremely difficult to use my new triple chrome kit. I am looking for QUALITY replacements that will actually last and was wondering what sort of heater would be best, with regard to type, not dealer or a particular supplier, for each particular process, (ie. nickel, chrome, and acid copper). The only heater I feel comfortable with is the plain ole ordinary cermanic with no temperature controls, which is what appears to short out repeatedly on me. I was thinking this would be fine, but I would have to monitor the temperature and turn it off and on to control temperature (not difficult, since I only use it in short durations). I was thinking stainless or titanium would be best, but the only one I find listed with Caswell is with the 16 gallon chrome kit, and not as a seperate item. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    what size tanks do you have first



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      I have the 6 gallon kit. Thanks for asking.