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  • i 'm in need of!!!

    i'm in need of!!...i've been 24kt my motorcycle and have run into a serious problem..i'm getting spotting on everything i'm plating....i have plated...the first peices i did were everything is spotting.....i've gone back over with stripper, buffed, stripped and nickeled again and still get haze, spots and places where gold won't plate...i'm in serious doo here..i was going to finish and take bike to daytona in feb, but i have health problems and have to go to duke medical center, so i don't have much time....i'm scared to death that i've ruined the bike, but i KNOW i have done steps correctly........have i done irreparail damage.....PLEASE HELP...

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    You haven't given us much to go on. Send in a PRS ticket if you think the problem is in the nickel plate.

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