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where do I get epoxy paint

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  • tbloss001
    The only "epoxy" paint I know of comes in a two part mixture.
    When you're ready to paint, you mix the paint with a small amount of catalyst and then you apply it.

    I get mine from places that specialize in selling automotive paint.
    If you're near a marina, they also use it to a great degree in boat painting.

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  • fxstcguy98
    started a topic where do I get epoxy paint

    where do I get epoxy paint

    This may be a stupid question. Where do I get epoxy paint for the electroplating cabinet that I am making. The only kind I found was at Lowes for garage floors, it's very expensive and comes in a kit that is about 5 times more than what I need. All I need is about a gallon or so.