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Boyu filter/agitator question

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  • Boyu filter/agitator question

    What is everyone using in their copper kits for replacement filters? Within about 2 hours of submerging the Boyu that came with my kit, the plastic impeller DISINTEGRATED. Plating worked fine-was my pump impeller made from a bad batch of plastic, or is this a common issue? Obviously, I am going to switch over to a different agitation method-but what about filtration? Any thoughts?

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    Please e-mail us and we'll send you a replacement.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      I had this same problem with the original pump in my copper tank. After only a few hours the impeller just kinda fell apart. I ordered one of the newer style pumps for $15 from Caswell and it works great. The only problem I had with it is because it is an external pump, there is an issue with the airline floating on top of the tank. So I took out the heater and ran the hose through a couple of the holes at the bottom of the plastic mesh and put it back in. Hasn't melted or anything yet so I think its OK.

      As far as filtration, I'm not sure. I haven't had any problems yet. Is this even an issue? Any pros out there?


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        Boyu Agitator Pump

        I too had the exact thing happen to the one I used in my acid copper kit, that came with my triple chrome kit, just fell completely apart. I also had another one swell up as if it got too hot, which caused the center section with the magnet and impeller to melt together, and it opened up along the seams. I kept it submerged at all times. I have had two replacements sent, along with 3 heaters that just seemed to keep smoking themselves.

        I wasn't happy about the pumps and filters, but I have had great results with the rest of the kit and have plated some very nice items, which I plan on sending pictures of. Opie.


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          Email sent. You guys are awesome.
          Actually, meantime, i buit an aeration/bubble rig for use with my airbrush compressor (60psi) which should suffice for most things (I'll try it this week/weekend.)