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Silver Plating on Copper

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  • Silver Plating on Copper

    I tried plating silver onto copper this weekend, and the results were not as expected. I must be doing something wrong. The setup I used is a 6 Volt DC power supply connected + to a 'fine silver' anode wrapped in gausse and dipped in PNPS12 Silver Plating solution. The copper pipe used for the test was first cleaned, and connected to the - terminal of the supply. The anode was brushed onto the copper, and drew about 1 to 1.5 amps from the power supply. The area turned black as the silver was deposited. After three or four minutes, I disconnected the supply and rinsed the pipe off in water. There was silver deposited on the pipe, but only a very thin layer. How long should it take to get 1 or 2 mils of silver deposited?
    I'm using a silver anode to increase the life of the plating solution. Would it work better with a stainless steel anode?

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    Re: Plug n plate kit for bathroom faucets ?

    Sounds like too much power. It will work best with a silver anode, like you had.

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