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  • Silver plating

    Has anyone ever used the silver plating solution and does it work 100% everytime you use the solution? Can someone post some feedback on the silver plating solution.

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    I use silver for brush plating all the time.
    I've used both cyanide and alkalie based and I'm just as happy with the non-cyanide solution that Caswell sells as I was with the cyanide stuff.

    One thing I've noticed (and I'm putting the caveate out there that it may only be "me" who this happens to) is that silver can be very finicky about it's amps. I'll plate fine one day and then use the same setup the next day and find I'm burning the plate. Turns out my rec "drifted" a milliwatt or two and it was enough for the silver plate to burn.

    (when I say "burn", I mean instead of the plate going on nice and shiny, mirroring the finish, it went on dark and "smudgy". This isn't as terrible as it sounds, as it only takes a little hand polishing to turn the silver shiny again.)

    To tell you the truth, I've had more problems plating with Nickel than I've every had with Silver.