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dull finish on old bolts with rust pits

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  • dull finish on old bolts with rust pits

    Some old Ford bolts (chassis, wheels, ?etc.) have a dull medium-dark gray finish; parts of these had rusted. After bead plasting some pits remain, although the bolt is now light gray bead-dull. What is the finish to restore? Will it prevent further rust? If rust remains in the tiny pits what is risk of failure? What kit to use?

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    Get rid of the old rust at all costs. (they don't call it car cancer for nothing).
    If you can't buff or sand it out, use navel jelly or muratic acid.
    For deep pits THAT DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE INTEGRITY OF THE BOLT, clean them out, even if you have to do a little drilling, then fill with solder and copper plate.

    For final finish, I'd go with Copy Krome or just plain nickel.
    Both with give you excellent rust protection.