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Plating already anodized metal question..

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  • Plating already anodized metal question..

    I went to a shop to have a small auto part that already is anodized blue to be plated with chrome. I was quote around 100 dollars, this seems a bit high to me. They told me they would need to strip the anodizing than polish than plate. Can i do this myself using caswell products but alot cheaper? Would i even need to strip it or could i possibly use copy chrome? Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    they are going to have to strip the anodizing then polish and depening on their procees and the base metal plate with copper, then nickel, then chrome, plating involes a lot of prep work . for me 95% of the time spent on an item is prep work prior to plating.



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      an important point to remember,
      You need to be able to conduct electricity through whatever it is you want to plate.
      Anodised coatings are non-conductive.