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zinc plate nuts&bolts during restoration (quickly)

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  • zinc plate nuts&bolts during restoration (quickly)

    I am currently using Eastwoods Zinc plating kit during the restoration of 2 1930's British cars. Its time to re-plenish the kit and I have not been very happy with it anyway. Its done a good job but its awfully slow and not always giving me reliable results.

    What I am looking for is something that can be set up and left set up, so as I need some nuts/bolts plated, I can bead blast them and plate them quickly and get it on the car. From what I have read the plating kit here requires a heated solution (guessing from the fact that heaters are supplied), that would imply it can't be left ready to go at all time unless you wanted to keep it hot.

    How long does it take to set up and get to plating ?

    I am not too worried about the look, I am concerned with rust prevention primarily and the Eastwood kit gives me a dull grey finish that is just fine.

    Assuming i am doing only nuts/bolts can I throw in more than 2 or 3 at time to speed up the process ? The Eastwood kits uses batteries and they really limit the quantity and speed. But the way I work, I remove parts, glass bead em and plate them and use them, its not really something I can plan ahead and plate a batch (although I try) so the Eastwood always ready to go kits works ok for me.

    This is really the only thing I plan on plating, just about everything else I powder coat ( I tried powder coating the nuts and bolts too but didn't like it).


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    WOW 12 years and I didnt get a single answer Well the answer is after 12 years, I have a Caswell kit on the way. The EW kit works well but that battery system of theirs makes it unreliable. And the other answer is that you don't need a heater for the Caswell kit, the sales guy on the phone said many people use a old crock pot for the heated part, great idea. If I had known that 12 years ago I would have gotten it then.

    12 years is that the record for bringing a thread back from the dead ?


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      I just purchased a zinc kit myself, but I haven't started using it yet. I was hoping this was the place to find help, but there doesn't seem to be much activity on this board...

      Keep us (me) updated on your results!

      Originally posted by mikeyr View Post

      12 years is that the record for bringing a thread back from the dead ?


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        I have to agree, this forum is pretty much dead. I am working on my setup, i will be plating this week or trying to. Compared to the EW kits its far more complicated but I hope that complication results in better results. I saw your post about heaters, sorry I didnt answer there since my kit is the 1.5 gallon kit and my heated tank is a thrift store crock pot.


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          Well I zinc plated my first item.... A single bolt! The zinc plating looked promising. I started the process without using the Brightener and the finish was a mat silver/gray. Then I added about a tablespoon of Brightener to my 3 gallon tank and put the part back in for a second dip. It came out nice and shinny! I rinsed it with distilled water and then gave it a 45 sec. soak in the Yellow Chromate. I rinsed it again with DW then hung it to dry for 24 hours and it looked GREAT. Unfortunately, the Yellow Chromate rubs off...

          I've read here that this is a problem. (Yellow chromate, whats the secret?) I also read that brighener should not be used if using Yellow Chromate and I've read that you should Blue Chromate first then Yellow Chromate.

          More practice and experimentation needed!