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  • Identifying Metals

    I'm in the process of plating some headlight rings from 46 Fords and Mercs.My problem is some of the rings are cast steel and the other ones are either stainless,copper or brass because after bead blasting ,using
    Pickle #3 and de-plating to strip the chrome off I'm left with a copper or brass base(not sure).I polished this to a high shine.So how do i determine if these pieces are brass ,copper or stainless?

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    Since nobody replied to this question it must be a dumb one. I think these
    pieces are brass or copper so the manual says i can use the same
    procedures. Can i start with a nickel strike coat ( 15 mins.) first cleaning with degreaser,then nickel strike, then copper for repairs and do i need to use a pickle #2 before the nickel strike coat ?