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    I have tried 2 Differant chrome shops and neither one of them will rechrome
    my 17 inch wheel? I did not actualy show them the wheel I just called them up and asked them if they would rechrome a wheel they said "No we do not chrome wheels" anyone know why? and whats the big deal?

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    Lotsssssssssss of work and belive wouldnt want to pay they price they would charge for it.
    Its ususally cheaper to go get a new one these days.


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      This may not applicable to you, but when my wife wanted her stock "satin" finish rims chrome plated, we couldn't find anyone to chrome them either. However, there are places that will trade you chrome for non-chromed. That is, they had some stock Lexus rims they had chrome plated and I gave them our satin ones in exchange, along with money to pay the difference.

      They, in turn, would get around to chome plating the ones I traded in and do the process again with someone else that wanted chrome rims. I don't know why they did this way as opposed to just chroming mine, but they did say it's become a standard way to do things now.


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        replating rims requires the use of special "conforming anodes" in order to get good chrome coverage over the bright nickel plate. which is why most shops refuse to plate rims. It is a lot of work to build a fixture for rims (as I am sure you are aware not all rims are alike) It is just cost prohibitive in most cases.


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          Curiousity's sake; would that also apply to motorcycle rims too? I was curious as to what it would take to be able to plate solid wheels from a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy... Could this be done with Caswell's triple chrome kit and a wider, shallower set of buckets to hold the rim?


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            Mexico! Plate in Mexico! No regulations,,,the platers have run the business for generations...they have three arms!


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              does anyone know who i can contact to have some plating work done in mexico? let me know. [email protected]