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  • I'M so confused

    ok, i don't know which kit to buy. the triple chrome kit, or the combo nikel/chrome kit. i know that the triple chrome kit includes copper, but, is adding a copper coat make it a professional finish? i want nice quality, but will the combo kit work? what are the advatages, and disadvantages of each kit. well comparing each other. because i'm still not sure which to get. ::::

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    Re: I'M so confused

    Both the same except for copper.

    Why copper is important?

    Imagine that you're painting a car. The car you are painting is a 1970 Mustang. It has rust all over it. You remove the rust, which leaves pits, scratches and dings.

    If you paint the car as is, you'll get a painted car with pits, scratches and dings. You need to fill the pits etc. first and get a smooth finish.

    Same with plating. Copper is your ding, scratch and pit filler.
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      Re: I'M so confused

      but i don't need to plate anythign with holes. like the surface is all smooth. and perfect. so i should go with the combo kit now right? ok so this is what i have so far, the copper is like a layer to make everything smooth? i see now. but i don't think i'll need it.