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Flash copper vs acid copper for PCB Holes

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  • Flash copper vs acid copper for PCB Holes

    My main goal is to plate thru holes on pcb's. And I'm confused on which plating solution I should try. My holes are already conductive using something similar to silvaspray (if it was a Caswell product it'd probably be called silva~goop). I was leaning toward flash copper, but I really don't know what the difference is ~ when it comes to this type of application.

    Thanks for your advice.

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    We are going to announce a new electroless copper system any day - so hang on!!!

    It is designed to plate directly onto plastic and PCB boards
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      hmm, another option.

      I always thought electroless was the less pro way of doing things, and that electro was the better option, or conversely - industry electoless/elctro process with 15 or so different dips, not something I want to do.

      I tried electroless tin and was incredibly unimpressed, so much so - that when I place my order for what ever copper solution , I'm getting the tin kit too.


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        Ok did a lil more research, and unless you've magically pulled some new element from mars or somewhere , I don't want to go anywhere near electroless copper plating.
        I come to rest on the solution of silvering the holes. Which copper will directly plate to, and using pulsed power, with a periodic reverse, or masking everything but the holes ~ is very cost efficient , tired and true method. I don't have a need for "the black hole method" making 10 pcb's a week.
        I also have no need to directly plate plastic, or other non conductive material, But I do have possible uses for fattening pcb tracks from time to time, which electro will do fine.

        I read a bunch more and decided on Flash copper. My order has been placed

        Just for kicks - can you lend anymore info on your electroless plan, and expected time of availablility / cost.