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    Are there any tips/hints for a newbie/stained glass artist out there!? I have my flash copper/copy chrome tanks set up and ready to go, but I'm nervous as hell about the whole chemical thing! Squeaky clean (dishwasher), water break test, solution temperature, amps, how to measure the copper foil to get correct sq. in., do I use single strand or multiple strand copper wire, size of wire..........I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!!
    I have made up a few practice pieces; maybe tomorrow I'll be brave enough.

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    i plated a piece stained glass lead for a local company with copper then nickel, i cleaned it with dishwashing soap and a rag,then electrocleaned it,plated with copper came out nice and bright,rinsed, nickel plated ,then rinsed didnt have to buff it at all. the water break test simply means if the water beads up on the part it isnt clean enough, to me i look for the water to form a sheet over the part. i use single strand wire to hang parts from the tank bar. but i also use multi strand wire then strip it and use the srands for single wires as well. 16-18 gauge would be a good starting point for you. practice is very important and dont set you amperage to high thats where i made 99% of my mistakes when i first started along with proper cleaning methods. plating termanology was just as confusing for me as well,anodes-cathodes-electrocleaning-electrostripping and so on but with a little reading and hands on it does become easier.