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Rheostat selection problem.

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  • Rheostat selection problem.

    I'm using a 12V 6 amp battery charger, with a dimmer on it's input.
    ! but I'm dividing the output to two tanks and would like more precise control of each tank. What I'm plating is about 4 sq inches, or precisely 3.7627 sq inches, copper and tin.
    I'm thinking I need .56 [email protected] 9V for the copper and .38 Amps @ 5V for the Tin

    I can match the voltages with a pair of 3Amp adjustable voltage regulator IC's
    I'm planning on using a couple of 100Watt rheostats, as the max power of [email protected] amps is only about 75 watts max
    I'm not sure of the Ohm values I need, It seems it would scale with the input voltage, but I think If i found the proper ohm value, I would probably not need the regulators.

    Im also using/experimenting with/ a 25Amp scr with a 555 control circuit, to pulse the power at 10Khz 50% on time, 50% Off time, 7.5Khz with 60%~On and 5Khz with 80% On, and static on modes for the copper tank.
    I believe with the pulse I can safely increase the voltage. as the power is only applied during the pulse on time

    But I think I still need rheostats to suck up the extra power?
    What Ohm value 100, or 1K etc... ?