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film good or bad

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  • film good or bad

    I did the 2 pieces of copper pipe at the same time they were about 9" sq and I used the 1amp per 16 sq" formula. the pieces were blasted to give the matt look. when I pulled the pieces out after 45 min. they had a greyish film on them. I bluffed the one off and it seemed to be coated OK but I was wondering if this was normal or not. this was my first try at copy chrome or any plating. so . . . is that normal or is something wrong? [/img]

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    hi MrDmB I had the same problem, Gray film. Do you have the newer crystals that are a reddish color? Thats what mine are. My older solution is greenish color. The parts came out real nice with the old solution, hardly needed any buffing at all with the old solution. We will need to post a problem report on the support page. LOL lloyd


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      I have the red solution, this is my first time. is there an easy way to get the film off or do you just have to polish it off? How did you know it was time to change your solution? if you here any thing from the support page let me know, I can seem to get in there.



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        MrDmB. I haven't been able to get into the support either. I buff the parts with a spiral sewn wheel with white compound, and it polished up beautifully. The solution doesen't have to be replaced. Your annodes will eventually need to be replaced. I talked to a tech on the phone this morning and he said to try more agitation, but it didn't help so I guess I will have to put up with the gray film and buff it off.


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          film good or bad

          MrDmB Got into support and logged the problem. They said the gray haze is normal. lloyd


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            thanks . . . nice too know everything is OK, the grey I'll just have to live with . . . L8TR


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              upped the agitation and the grey film is gone


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                film good or bad

                What are you using for agitation? lloyd.


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                  I used an electric air pump for filling pools, car tires etc. (noisy, but big volume) I think the amps were too low though, when I upped the amps I got the grey film back but the plate seemed better. I used test pieces and the clear finish came off easy in some areas but had to be basted off and then ground off on the pieces that had the grey film on. but increased air and larger bubbles made a huge difference on the finish. I used a porus hose to start with and got pitting that went right to the metal and a bitch to fix. I also took the lid off a large can of coffee drilled holes in it and apoxied it to the bottom of the plating pail. I drilled a hole in the side of the pail and fed the air hose directly to the lid and apoxied the hose in place. It good even agitation, low profile and gave a lip to hold the plates in place. the last piece I took out was a pulley for my car, grey film but when buffed the best effort to date . . . aced it.