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  • Nickel Plating antiques

    I restore antique radios and telephones. Most of my parts are small such as brass screws and rings etc.

    I have tried to use those "Texas Platers" brush things, but have had very little luck. They put the Nickel on so thin, that when you buff out an item such as a knurled nut, the brass peeks out from under the nickel. Your one gallon kit, will it put a heavier coat on so you can buff it, or will it leave the part shiney when it comes out (which would be even better)? Polishing the brass to a high shine is not a problem before plating.


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    Re: Nickel Plating antiques

    The longer you plate the part, the thicker the plate becomes. So you leave it in until the desired thickness is reached.

    If you polish prior to plating, the parts should come up shiney. A quick buff will probably be required.
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