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Copy chrome Questions.

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  • Copy chrome Questions.

    How long do the Crystals last (Solution) before needing replaced?
    When is Brightener needed?

    Thanks in advance

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    I did my first item in the Copy Chrome tonight.

    A kickstand froma GSXR1000 Sportbike.

    IT LOOKS AWSOME!!! I can really tell a difference from Real Chrome.

    It is a great product and I can't wait to do more.



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      How long do the solutions last

      I have had my Copy Chrome solution for almost (2) years.
      Some of my nickel solution is (5) years old.

      Don't get any zinc metal in it, filter it using the large coffee filters about once a month (depends on usage) and top off the evaporation with only distilled water.
      Be sure and use the "Bandage" over the nickel anodes.
      Otherwise the black deposits will get in your solution and may pit your parts.

      Always pull out the anodes, wash them off and wash the bandage after every plating session.

      The solution should out last you if you do all of the above.

      George W.