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  • Time between plating steps

    Hi. I've got my 3 gal triple chrome kit arriving Friday, but unfortuantly, it seems the chrome anodes are on backorder. I've got a lot of people waiting on me to get this going, and was wondering if there would be any harm in taking various aluminum motorcycle parts through the plating process up to and through nickle plating, and then storing them until my chrome anodes arrive so I can chrome plate them later. Any suggestions?

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    you can wait to apply the chrome at anytime thats convient, you will probably want to reactivate the nickel though.



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      Genuine unobtainium?

      Thanks, Bill. Glad to hear it. Hopefully, they'll get on getting those anodes in with a quickness, but at least I'm not stuck out to dry totally till then. By the way, Bill, what exactly ARE those chrome anodes made out of? I mean, if it's not genuine grade-a unobtainium straight outta Roswell or some such, would it be possible for me to find a couple of pieces locally and use them until my others from Caswell's arrive, if it turns out that they are going to be on backorder for very long? I need to get up and running ASAP, to help pay the housenote, and I've got work lined up and waiting on me- once I can get able to finish the jobs. Thanks.



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        a chrome anode is sheets of lead