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    I thought I would share a power supply tip. I don't have a lot of money to work with and was finding it hard to get together a power supply. I'm doing flash copper and copy chrome and 12v was not needed and getting a battery, battery charger and dimmer switch was going to run up some costs. I spent most of my money on buffing equipment (good choice). Prep is everything. Any ways . . . I got a 486 computer with no hard drive for a $1, unplugged the power leads from the drives. run the 5.5v + through a cheap multi meter I got for $6 and then a old heating element from an old dryer. I used a clip at different locations on the element for the amps required. It gives me 5.5v @ 18 amp and 12v @ 10 amp. It works great and cost me under $10. It would be nice to have a $300 rectifier but until then I've had great success with it. Just wanted to share some thing with the group.

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    caswell is selling a fine 3 amp power supply for 95 dollars.



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      could you email me some sort of diagram and maybe a picture of your setup [email protected]