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  • Need help, just getting started!

    I am in the beginnings of restoring one of my 1967 dodge chargers and the chrome on the inside has some rust spots on it. How do I go about cleaning them up and re finishing them?

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    Plating car parts

    What is the base metal?

    If it is items such as door handles, window cranks, or certain trim items they may be die cast zinc (pot metal), or could even be plated plastic.

    Pot metal plating is a real challenge.

    To test if the part is pot metal, apply a few drops of muriatic acid (swimming pool acid) on the pitted areas. If it fizzes like crazy it is pot metal.
    DO NOT dunk the entire part in a bucket of the acid. The part will vanish before your eyes and give off a lot of dangerous fumes and gasses.

    The other issue is trying to remove the existing chrome off of the pot metal. Not an easy task.

    I suggest that if you verify it is pot metal you go the pot metal forum on this site and read up.

    If it were me, and the parts were still available, I would just buy NOS or reproduction parts.

    I'm not trying to discourage you, however, the cost in materials, supplies, power supply, etc, and the learning time to replate available parts is just not worth the effort.

    Now, that said, if they were parts that were no longer available....anywhere.....that is another story.

    I apply this logic when I am restoring old motorcycles. If the parts are available (and the price is right) I always purchase verses plate, especially when in comes to hardware (bolts. nuts and the like). It is just insane to plate a bunch of bolts you can purchase.

    What I would suggest is to purchase Casswell's plating manual, read it and then make a discission wether you want to venture into this "Hobby".

    I Plate almost every night after work and it is, well, let's say addictive.

    The absolute killer part is all the prep work. It takes a lot of prep work prior to placing the part into the solution. You would be surprised how many people say "well all you do is just dip it in the solution...right?" WRONG!!!

    See my other posts on plating below this thread to give you an idea of what is involved.

    See my plating at:

    George W.


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      I must compliment you on some very nice parts! Keep up the good work.
      48 Buick


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        Thanks, 48 Buick!

        I have sure been trying hard.

        It just kills me when most think that plating is just a "dipping" procedure.

        The prep work is everything.

        George W.


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          Actually prep is not everything...its only about 99% of the job
          Yes, I get a lot of people asking me to "just dip it and heal it." Ive pretty much comitted myself to just show chrome only. It seems your heading that way!
          If you do, you will have more work then you know what to do with once your name gets out.
          Are you saving up for the bigger set up? You know you want one.
          If your interested you can see some of the stuff I do here...

          Keep up the great work! I wish my parts had looked that good when I was at the stage you are. Very nice work!
          Course we do have CASWELL to blame for our addictions now!!!!:P
          48 Buick


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            I see you also do graphics. Do you do car graphics and such?
            Do you need any parts for the 64 bike? I have a friend that deals in old bikes.
            Can you mail me at
            [email protected]