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NEED HELP QUICK!!! Yellow Zinc Plating Fasteners

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  • NEED HELP QUICK!!! Yellow Zinc Plating Fasteners

    The Scenario:
    I need to be able to zinc plate bolts and other fasteners at a rate of 300 lbs. per hour with minimal downtime. The biggest of these bolts being approx 1-1/2" in diameter and 22"long. The smallest is a 1/8" washer.

    The Process:
    First dip is SP Degreaser. Rinse tank. Then on to the Zinc for 20 mins. Rinse Tank. Then Yellow Chromate for 2 mins. Rinse. Let set for 4 hours. Packout.

    The Questions:
    What would be the best way to accomplish this? Basket plating? Barrel plating? A combination of the 2? Automated? Manual? Suppliers for this type of equipment? Cost?

    If anyone on this forum has done this type of thing, please help. I just received a business proposition that I couldn't refuse, but now I'm in over my head.


    Thank you to everyone on this forum for being so helpful.

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    Most of the folks here are doing small volume work, but perhaps you might get lucky.

    Did you try contacting some professional platers? I've seen automated lines and barrel plating used for this kind of volume (and more volume obviously) but hanging a bolt at a time in a tank isn' going to get you this kind of output. You might want to check out for referrals and contacts that might get you into this kind of volume. You might need some serious equipment.

    Remember also that after a certain level of volume, you're going to have to deal with disposal issues and the EPA. Now you're into the big time and I strongly suggest you NOT try to do this volume in your basement.

    Just my 2 cents worth.