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Electroless Krome VS Copy Chrome plating?

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  • Electroless Krome VS Copy Chrome plating?

    Whats the diff? i read up on both of them but still don't quite get what the diff is. I like the fact that copy chrome doesn't use any harsh chemicals or produces fumes and what not, so what about the electroless krome though?

    which is better for small automotive parts? Which will come out nicer and more like real triple plate? Which will be faster? Thanks


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    They both give the same result and have the same properties. Electroless plating is ideally suited for plating inside tubes and deep recessed areas.

    Most applications call for regular electroplating, not electroless.
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      I see that the Electroless Krome mini package is alot cheaper than the Copy Chrome kit, i figure i would not be able to get alot done with it but does it come with everything to clean the parts? I primarily want to just do nuts/bolts and also a few small engine parts like brackets and what not. Will i run out of whatever it comes with quickly? Thanks



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        So what exactly is involved with this electroless krome kit? I don't have access to alot of tools and chroming car parts for my car is more of a hobby for shows. Do you need to heat the solution up with an oven, or a hot plate or what? Can i throw a bunch of stuff in at a time like nuts and bolts and brackets/hinges? Thanks