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Copy Chrome kit, need help asap! (caswell please chime in)

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  • Copy Chrome kit, need help asap! (caswell please chime in)

    Ok, this if my first copy chrome kit and i am a bit confused. I just went through the whole book and i am pretty clear on what to do, however if i did miss what i am about to ask i apologize.

    How long can this kit last? It seems to me you dump the entire contents of the kit into the bucket and use it once? However i did a search for copy chrome and i was reading about some people having it for years etc. I have the 1.5 gallon kit btw.

    So what is the deal? After i prepare the entire kit can i just put the top on it and store it in my garage (which various in temperature, i live in Nj)? Or do i need to dispose of it? I don't have all the parts i want to do ready right now, i have alot of nuts and bolts and other car parts that i would like to do but i unfortunately cannot put everything in the bucket for one sitting.

    This same question pertains to zincate and the SP degreaser. i know i will be using both multiple times on different peices of my car as i take them off, so can they both sit in the buckets when done?

    Also, regarding engine bolts, can they be copy chrome plated and come out shiney or do they need to be polished first?

    P.S. Whats up with the anodes? I read the manual on what i have to do but to my knowledge i did not think i needed a power source, now it seems i do so i have to shell out more money for a power source!?? Sorry to sound like a newb but i am and i am just trying to gather intel.

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    These chemicals will last indefinetly. I do beleive that with the Copy Chrome kit you do have to add brighteners every so often.

    Yes, you do use the entire contents all at once, mixed to the appropiate levels mentioned in the manual. But you do not dump them when done plating. You can just store them in the bucket until the next use. Then you put the anodes, pump, heater back in and start plating again.

    This applies to all of the chemicals. However, make sure that you rinse with DISTILLED water between tanks. If you don't you will get the chemicals all mixed together like some kind of chemical stew. This is easily done by filling up a bucket for each chemical with rinse water and dipping the part a couple of times after you are done plating (or degreasing, etc.)

    ALL items need to be polished properly to come out shiny. Think of plating as the clear coat on a paint job. Its all in the prep.

    Yes you will need a power source, watch tutorial 1 at

    Its a little tricky at first, but if it wasn't everyone would do it and it wouldn't be cool anymore.

    Hang in there, you'll get it!


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      I appreciate your swift reply and help thank you. I edited this post because i read a bit more on what i need to do, please read below.


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        Ok i looked at some of the tutorials on the site and i am beginning to better understand what i need to do. I will more than likely be using a 6 volt car battery with 6v 100ma or 250ma light bulbs from radioshack. Since at this time i only intend to be plating small auto parts with my copychrome kit i am assuming i do not need a rheostat?

        Let me just try to map this out and you experts can tell me if i'm wrong. I measure what i am going to be plating, lets say its 4'' sq. I than have to figure that 100ma is 1.6'' so i am going to need atleast 3 100ma bulbs. That should give me 4.8'' sq of coverage. Now, do i just plug these into they're respective bases and run them inline (positive side) to the battery? Or do i still need a rheostat? I DO understand that a rheostat controls the power, however i may be missing the point with the light bulbs The lightbulbs "control" the power correct? Hope i'm on the right track i really want to do this this up coming weeked. Thanks!


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          I'm new too but have had very good luck with a copy chrome kit (the 4.5 gal. one). I've found that if you start off playing with your amperage(bulbs) on an old practice piece you have laying around, and keep referring back to the manual pages 21,23,and 25. After you mess with it a while it will all come together. Just remember copy chrome calls for 1amp per 16 sq. inches. Good luck!!!


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            you can get quicker tech support by contacting caswell's direct ... there # is on there page.