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Flash Copper operating range

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  • Flash Copper operating range

    I realize the manual says to use it at 110 F. but what is the functional range? Also, just out of curiosity, at what temp. does damage begin to occur to the solution?

    I'd kinda like to know the same information about the Nickel solution also.

    I've read on other forums where brighteners and levelers can be cooked out if the temperature is taken too high. I assume this could happen to these solutions also.

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    The 'functional range' is 110f. If you need data on anything else, it's up to you to experiment.

    This is why we went to a great deal of trouble to get our 'aquarium' heaters especially made for us to operate at a preset temp of 110f. That stops most people from messing around with temperature.

    Having said that, 10% either way won't have much effect on the end result.
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      I realize that you've gone to great lengths to prepare a kit which will deliver reliable and consistent results. However, I am at a point where I may have to deviate from the hardwired temperature of the aquarium heaters. Therefore, I would like to know what to expect BEFORE I trash my solutions.
      I have to leave for work now, but I'll be posting my situation, previous experimentation and results later in the pot metal forum.