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    Hey all:
    I wanted to wait until I found out more of what my outcome was before posting about this subject.
    About a month and a half ago I received a visit from two state EPA inspectors. They told me I was being investigated for a chrome plating shop.
    I said I wasn’t a shop but would show them what I’m doing. I’m set up a little bigger then most of the home hobbyists so honestly I was a little anxious to say the least.
    But, I am still a hobbyist working on 3 cars of my own.
    I will still come out about 10 grand on the plus side after my investment to my hobby and finishing out my cars.
    Well, after looking through everything for 2 ½ hours they found 4 items I had to dispose of. All household type chemicals but I wasn’t going to argue with them. I took them to the HAZMAT facility and they were happy.
    I received my final report and I am fully compliant and good to go with my hobby.
    99.99999999999% you will never experience something like this. I was fingered by a person that has a vendetta against me. So what…his gun is empty now  I don’t have time to deal that person.
    If the EPA does ever come by just be honest and be courteous. They are used to looking at 1000 gallon tanks, not 5 gallon buckets. The inspectors didn’t know how to handle my set-up because it was so small.
    Keep your area clean and DON’T DUMP any chems.
    Have your MSDSs handy. The lady was really surprised and happy that I had them ready to go.
    First off, DON’T WORRY!! There is not a bell that goes off at the EPA that says there’s a hobby guy plating right now!!!
    The EPA is interested in waste only. What are you doing with your rinse and such?
    If you rinse your parts off over your containers your good to go.
    The fume suppressor CASWELL sells with the kit for the chrome is fully compliant with the standards for fumes from the chrome bath.
    Most of all, enjoy your hobby. It is very rewarding and it is not against the law to do.
    Other people will make you feel like your killing the birds and shouldn’t even think about plating. Or your going to blow the neighborhood up. They are the people that don’t have a real life.
    P.S. I asked our city fire marshal about the regs concerning what im doing and he asked, does it burn? Does it blow up? If not enjoy. That’s all were concerned about.
    Have fun all! Enjoy YOUR HOBBY!!
    48 BUICK

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    Thank you for sharing that with us, as that has been on my mind as well in all this. If you don't mind me asking, which four chemicals were what they wanted removed? (Just so we'll know what not to keep around with the rest of our stuff)


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      I had to get rid of some hydrogen peroxide, water purification chems (3 gallons) a 2 gallon alkaline copper bath that I reduced down to crystals to give to HAZMAT anyway and sludge container that I would rinse greasy parts off in when I work on my car. Yah, belive it or not I didnt want to rinse the cleaner and gunk down the drain or the yard so I made a tank to hold it and then turn it into the city.
      But......nooooooooooo it may put off VOC and you have to get rid of it.
      Go figure, the only guy in my city who is actually trying NOT to pollute and they tell me that.
      Oh well, im good to go anyway.
      48 BUICK