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  • Best way to get started?

    I want to start chrome plating. I have never done it, and don't know a whole lot about it. Could some one please give me some tips on the best way to get started. What kit would be best / easiest? How large of parts can I do with each kit? Any help is appreciated.


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    first decide what is the largest sized part you think you will plate. the type of base metal is a very important factor in what type set up your going to need as well. for an example --- if i was only going to nickel plate brass base items then all i would need is nickel and then chrome. also try and invest into a variable power supply that is adjustable in both amperage and voltage.

    id recommend trying to get 2 out of the three steps down before trying to do a full "triple" plate with chrome. or just try nickel plating some brass which is about the easiest metal to plate onto.