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Chrome repair motorcycle damper fork tube

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  • Chrome repair motorcycle damper fork tube

    The telescopic damper fork tubes on my motorcycle have specks of rusted spots (small). Can those be fixed with brush plating? I am not worried about cosmetics at all. In fact, I am not even trying to get the surface totally smooth. If I can plate it enough so that there is no rough edges where the chrome has rusted away, I'll be happy. All I want is that it won't tear the rubber fork seal and cause the fork oil to leak.

    I think the tube is hard chrome over some strong metal, probably steel.

    Also, if there some pits on the tube that look deeper than just mere rust, I suppose brush plating is not going to fill it up?

    Any hints welcomed. Thanks!


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    Re: Chrome repair motorcycle damper fork tube

    How is it going
    after removing the rust you can touch up the spot but the pit will still be there and if the tube drops passed the seal it can eat the seal . Also double check with your cycle dealer to make sure the piece has plate on it at all and its not just a rock pit that started to rust. You would have to use a acid based copper to fill the pit and this is really just to time consuming with the plug and plate.
    The plug and plate best application is for decorative plating like car emblems jewelry small pieces And is a very good tool for this purpose. Some bike manufacturers use a polished stainless steel for fork tubes.
    Good luck let me know if I can help
    Jim Eaton


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      Re: Chrome repair motorcycle damper fork tube

      hey guys just a fyi unless it is real old fork tubes they are all hard chromed for wear resistance. and yes it is over a high alloy steel.
      when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
      G2 Polishing and Powdercoating


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        Re: Chrome repair motorcycle damper fork tube

        Does anyone do rework on the chrome plating on motorcycle fork tubes? Mine are pitted beyond the useful life.


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          Re: Chrome repair motorcycle damper fork tube

          For a quick fix try the steel wool (0000) very fine and it will remove the rust but you have to use a was polish to protect it after you get finished.