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cheap powdercoating heater/chrome power supply question

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  • cheap powdercoating heater/chrome power supply question

    (also posted this to the powdercoating board, but it seems to fit both, so I thought I'd ask here too)

    I'm setting up one of the nichrome wire power supplies for larger chroming operations, and it occured to me that this might have a second use, depending on how I made it. Has anyone tried assembling the Caswell's nichrome power set-up but instead of the fireboard backing, using a heat reflective surface and enough strands of nichrome wire to use it as a heat lamp, to cure powdercoating with? I don't know how fast it would run down the battery, or if a battery charger could be used for continuous heat and cycled off and on manually, by reading the part's suface temp with an IR thermometer, or if it would generate enough heat to be effective. But if it gets hot enough to need the fireboard backing as a power regulator, wouldn't that also be hot enough to cure powdercoating? Anyone out there tried it yet? Thanks, Jay