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  • Couple of questions...

    So far I have never done any plating of any sort...However I have a bunch of shiny brass spoke nipples that I need keep from turning crusty looking and I want to try nickel plating them. I have purchased the 1.5 gallon Caswell nickel plating kit and read through the manual that comes with it but I still have a couple questions.

    First, The manual talks about agitating the solution by using an air pump (such as an aquarium pump) to blow bubbles up through the solution... However the pump that came with the kit has a screw on filter etc that looks like it's meant to be stuck into the tank and agitate the solution by pumping it....In other words the pump looks like its made to pump fluid, not air. And it looks like the fittings are wrong for connecting an aquarium air hose to the pump.

    What am I missing here?

    Also, Just what do you do with the "bandages"? Or maybe I should be asking what "bandages" do?


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    Yo Bob........

    You used to have to go buy an aquarium pump, but now the include a submersible filter/pump because it just works so much better.

    The bandages help to keep this really nasty black oxide gunk that forms on the anodes from flying around in your solution, getting all over your parts etc. Wrap them around your anodes with rubber bands.

    Have fun.