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health and the laws???

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  • health and the laws??? guy here
    i was thinking about ordering a kit to start
    doing some chromeing plating but...
    everywhere i read about it says its extremly
    danerous.. and they wont let you do it unless you have thousands of $ in filters
    and waste this and that..
    ive read that if ya get it on you ya burn.
    if ya breath it ya die..if ya do it ya cant..
    i know ya have to wear a gas mask. and rubber gloves..but my question is...
    if its so hard to be able to chrome plate
    how can you sale the kit..or is it a different type of chrome?
    and is it the same laws and health issuses
    with gold plating copper nickle etc...
    or is it just the chrome thats unhealthy
    any info on the laws and health would be
    great..hopefuly i look forward to ordering from ya..thanks..
    im in fla by the way if that makes a difference in the law....

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    Re: health and the laws

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