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Does copper wire react with Zincated Aluminum??

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  • Does copper wire react with Zincated Aluminum??

    I hung my part with that I had dipped in the zincate solution with a copper wire. When it was done, it was not plated wherever the copper wire touched the part. This included a place that I touched the wire to the part before I submersed it into the plating solution. I dipped the copper wire in the zincate solution with the part, and the copper wire came off with chrome crystals. I also got this coppery looking film on the plate around where the copper wire was. It buffs off though. I want to use aluminum wire, but I don't know if there is a problem with that.
    I don't know if I should take my solution to the charcoal again, I already filtered it.

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    I dipped the copper wire in the zincate solution with the part, and the copper wire came off with chrome crystals
    im not clear--- how did the wire come out of the zincate with chrome crystals on it?? it also looks to me like from the previous picture your plating with to many amps.



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      I was told that before about plating with too many amps, but I constantly test the amperage when plating. and the plating does look good except for the coppery looking coating that buffs off. I am an electrical engineer, and getting a proper current is the one thing I am pretty sure of.

      When I dipped the part into the zincate to coat the aluminum part, I dipped it in there with it hanging from a copper wire. I used the same wire to hang the part from in the plating solution. So I guess you could say I zincated the copper wire the same way I did the aluminum piece I was trying to chrome.

      After an hour, I took it out of the plating solution, the copper wire had was chromed, but was flaking off. The chrome flakes on the wire was what I called crystals. It was like it tried to plate the copper wire, but nothing stuck, and I could wipe the chrome flakes off the wire with my fingers.

      Hope that clears things up. I don't know what happens to copper when you dip it in zincate, probably isn't good. And I can't tell if there was some kind of reaction between the copper and zincate with the aluminum

      When I need 1 amp, I use 250 milliamp bulbs, but when I check my current, it shows I am pulling less. So I add more until my meter shows the current I need, not always what the bulbs show. Don't know if that is a problem.
      thanks alot,