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gols plating solution gone bad??????

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  • gols plating solution gone bad??????

    I opened a bottle of 24K gold plating solution I purchased about a year ago. I noticed that the gols had deposited on the wall of the plastic bottle.
    After shaking up, most of the gold came off the bottle and settled to bottom. I now have a light green liquid with what looks like flakes of gold leaf on bottom. Is there a way to put the gold back into solution or should I write it off as a bad buy.

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    i have about a .5 bottle of the same that i left in my shop over the winter and the gold has formed into small clusters and i dont know of a way to fix it,so if you figure it out let me know



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      I will let you know if I finf out anything. I was hoping for a reply from someone from Caswell but they don't seem to want to respond to this one.


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        just a thought, but...

        I wonder if you could take the whole thing, bottle and all, and put it in an ultrasonic cleaner for a minute or two? That might shake it up well enough to put the gold flake back in solution. Maybe. Or maybe not. What would you have to lose by trying, though, at this point?



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          Been ther done that. No effect, believe it has to be done chemically


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            you can contact caswell and i am sure they will answer any ? that you may have on it ....


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              I tried to use the Caswell link for help but it requires a number on the invoice that I don't have as paperwork has been lost.


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                same problem with mine


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                  Guessing that if the solution loses its pH the metallics might just come free from solution. If so, the only hope for it would be advice from the manufacturer's chemist.

                  Have you tried heating it up and stirring or agitating?



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                    We are in contact with our supplier to try to resolve this.
                    Mike Caswell
                    Caswell Inc
                    Need Support? Visit our online support section at


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                      Re: gols plating solution gone bad

                      Did any joy ever come of this?

                      I have done some research and I think I know the ingredients now, an am guessing that either sodium phosphate and/or sodium sulphite may be required to re-activate it.

                      1 gm gold chloride
                      75 gm sodium phosphate
                      2,5 gm sodium sulphite
                      1 litre de-ionised water

                      From fresh, this basically makes a workable solution, but not a very stable one - which means after a few months it needs to be perked back up - I just haven't yet worked out how it is duly perked.

                      It would be nice to find out what we need to do - I have a litre of the stuff that cost me about ?60 IIRC.