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    In your 12 liter kit how many square inches can you plate with it?.Also I have A part 13 x 6 inches I need to plate 1 side & its also aluminum.As long as the part is submerged in ceramic pan could I use your kit.Or if not would I be better off with the copychrome kit.Thanks for you help.

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    Re: Electroless krome

    Electroless nickel plates at an approx. rate of 1 mil (1/1000") per hour. Indoor decorative applications will need approx. 0.25 mil or 15 min. of plating.

    General outdoor items (hand tools, hand guns) should receive 0.5mils or 30min.

    Items requiring high corrosion resistance should receive 1mils or 60 min.

    Our 1 liter kit will plate approx. 75 sq. in. of surface area with a bright nickel @ 1 mil, or 300 sq. in. @ 0.25 mil.

    The 4 liter kit will plate approx. 720 sq. in or 2880 sq. in. @ 0.25 mil.

    Our 12? liter kit will plate approx. 1500 sq. in. or 6000 sq. in. @ 0.25 mil.

    As the baths are used, nickel depletes from the solution. You will need to replenish this periodically, using our unique method of calculating the nickel loss. Additions to the solution may be made with small quantities of Part A & Part C.

    The tank has a 13" diameter and is 8" deep, so it'll be a tight fit. You'll need to zincate the aluminum part first.

    Copychrome tends to be more versatile, as it doesn't require a ceramic tank.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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