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How do I decide on the Recifier voltage size?

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  • How do I decide on the Recifier voltage size?

    I just posted a question a few minutes ago and forgot to mention:

    The maximum size item I will be chroming is a 20x5" (inches).

    Does anyone know where to start with a recifier? how many volts? The best place to buy, etc.

    Thanks from a Newbie!

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    well then you are going to need a power supply that will put out at least 105 amps to be safe on a 100 square inch part since the chrome takes at least 1 amp per square inch of surface area. in general for plating you need amps and volts are secondary but it has to be variable in both to dial in the correct amps for the size part your plating. i use a 5.5 volt 150 amp power supply variable in voltage and amperage. this is not an end all be all but i use .1 amp psi in copper/ .2 amp psi in nickel as well. battery chargers can be made to work, nichrome wire systems with light bulbs work fine as well, my prefered method is using variable power supplys even with the expensive cost again it is what works best for me.