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Follow up to Copy Cad problems

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  • Follow up to Copy Cad problems

    Hi all,

    This is a follow up on a previous post. I was having problems with the copy cad kit not plating bright. While I was a little disappointed with the slowness of tech support’s response to my problem report, eventually I spoke to Mr. Caswell by phone. He offered several possible solutions, one of which seems to be the answer.

    I had been running my cad solution at a minimum of 120 degrees. I had some problems with my heater thermostat running away and eventually the heater quit all together. From what I understand, higher temperatures produce a heaver, darker plate. I first lowered the temperature to 100 degrees and then stopped heating the solution all together (ambient temperature 90-95 degrees). This seems to have done the trick. I am now getting the bright plate that I was looking for.

    I am still learning the subtleties, learning to read the plating and learning to tell when I need more brightener. I am still getting some dark speckles sometimes but at least I am making good progress.

    Thanks to XK120DHC for the warning about Cheney clamps. Had I known about this earlier I probably would not have tried. However, by now I have successfully plated several and will just grit my teeth and press on. So far, I have only lost one. It was a terry’s clamp and the part that fell apart was the screw, the threads just fell off of it. I don’t know if it was the metal or just corrosion that weakened it to the point of it dissolving it the pickle#2.

    Still “plugging” along, pun intended,


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    Copy Cad Problems and Should I try Copy Chrome

    1. I also experienced the same problems with a dull plate from copy cad. Like others, I wasn't very impressed with the technical support that I received from Caswell (Canada).

    Thanks to the message board, I will now try lowering the temperature, as suggested ... at least the Caswell customers are helpful !

    2. If I don't end up with the finish I'm looking for, is copy chrome bullet proof or is it touch and go ? I re-plate small hardware (bolts, screws & nuts & washers) on Honda minibikes. The original plate looks like bright CAD but bright nickle would look just as nice or better. Any suggestions ?