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  • what plating machine

    am doing some copper plating with a caswell kit,it is a 2
    > gallon
    > > plastic bucket ,i tried it with a very small hr machine and it
    > did
    > > not work,maybee its broken?,i hooked it up to a 12 volt car
    > battery
    > > with one bulb on there and it worked ok but i would prefer a
    > plating
    > > machine that would work,i want to use it for gold plate and
    > nickel
    > > also,any one have any suggestions on a plating machine to
    > get.Thanks

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    I assume by "a plating machine" you mean a dc power supply (or rectifier as it is called).

    I know a lot of you try the "cheapo" let's try and save a buck method of getting the juice to do you plating, however, using a "real" power supply makes life so much easier and more efficient.

    Go to Caswell's site below:

    The 3 amp constant voltage/current model will work for smaller items and the price is just frigging fantastic!

    The 20 amp constant voltage/current model would be all you would ever need unless you were getting into chrome plating over 20 square inches in coverage.

    I have a power supply similar to the 20 amp (mentioned above) except it is a 10 amp supply (Instek brand---looks identical in appearance to Caswell's 20amp supply) and I paid $350.00 for it (2) years ago.
    Wish Caswell would have had the 20 amp unit when I bought mine!

    You just can't beat the price on Caswell's 20 amp unit.
    For $300.00 it is a great deal.

    Additionally, either of the constant voltage/current models Caswell sells will allow you to get ultra precision control over the plating.

    Spend the bucks on Caswell's will be glad you did!