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plating drum hardware

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  • plating drum hardware

    Can anyone give me some suggestions?
    I'm trying to plate some die cast drum hardware with Black Chrome.
    I bought the plug-n-plate nickel/flash copper combo kit, along with a bottle of the Black Krome solution.
    I've applied the flash copper with success, but I cannot get the nickel to plate. The last time I tried, the plating came out kind of streaky and not smooth.
    I tried to clip the anode to the side of a glass and dipping the part in the solution. I also heated the solution-this gave me the best results so far.
    But still I get the streaky look. Do I need to agitate the part in the solution?

    Joe Migliaccio

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    I'm REAL interested in this cause I've got LOTS of vintage drums I'd like to re-plate the hardware on - some were previously nickel plated, some chromed, but most of them have moderate pitting. I don't know where to start & really don't know ANYTHING about plating even though I've been reading ALL the info I got from CASWELL and looking at the info on this forum. I'm totally lost & really want to get started! Do I sandblast the old finished off, or buff them off, or WHAT? Once I can get a grip in this & get some good results, I'll post the nicest photos you'll have ever seen cause I'm a commercial photographer & really know how to shoot chrome & metal. After I get back from vacation, I'll try to post pics of some of the parts I'm talking about & ask for advice, but I saw this thread & had to hop on it.
    Joe, how did you prep your parts? Were they pitted, or even previously plated?


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      tvsp, where are you located at? Don't suppose it might be Nashville, by chance?


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        No, I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio. Leaving for vaca for a week this morning!


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          too bad; I was going to suggest you bring a piece or two by and we could see what could be done with them. I have the 3.5 gal tank chrome plating kit and the powdercoating machine from Caswell's, and I am always looking for new angles/things to do with them. And since Nashville is "Music City USA", I thought there might be some demand for being able to refinish the trim on instruments, etc.