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  • Acid copper

    I am just staring out with lots to learn. I have a 15 gallon set up of flash copper, acid copper and nickel. I mixed the solutions according to the instructions. The pH of the acid copper is too low, 0.9, I understand it should be in the range of 1.0 - 2.0. Needless to say if I were to do it again I would have checked as I added the battery acid to achieve the correct pH. Being new I did not fully understand and I was just going by the instructions. So now I have this tank with a very acidic mixture and when I try to plate a part it comes out very course, almost as if it were all just lines of copper being deposited. The piece is 36 sq" I have the power supply set at 2.5A, as well as trying it at 3.0A. I flash copper plated it first and that worked great. Degreased, rinsed and in it went again to the acid copper tank. I have a pump circulating the solution as well as it is at 110 f Does any one have any suggestions? How can I raise the pH?

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    if your flash copper is fine ,try plating in the nickel tank over the flash copper, then plate acid copper over the nickel to make sure exactly what the acid copper is doing before changing any phs.?



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      Caswell says to use ammonia to raise the PH. I am having the same trouble using the acid copper solution. My pieces come out rough and don't build up like they should. It puts on a thin layer of copper and then seems to quit. Any suggestion?


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        acid copper

        After many frustrating days of trying to get the copper to plate, I was informed by tech support that the number in the manual for setting the power supply is wrong. Tech support said it should be 1 amp for every 16 sq" not 10 - 30 as in the manual. I am using 16 now and it is great. So I think a little better prof reading would have saved me a lot of time. (and money). I would not worry about the PH.