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Nickel Plating long tube

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  • Nickel Plating long tube

    Using an idea from the plating manual, I have fabricated a plating tank that is 46" long and 5" in dia. I made a shorter one to flash copper and acid copper plate a tube that is 42" long and 1" in dia. The solution is being circulated by a pump and draining back into the larger tank.
    My question is: as I lower the tube into the tank do I need to increase the current to accommodate the larger area of part being submersed? IE). 1 amp per 17sq". The anode length is only 24". And will there be more nickel on the part that has been in longer?
    I am trying to achieve a bright nickel plate.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    I think by typing 1 amp per 17 sq" I just answered my own question

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    if the part is being lowered slowly you will need to turn up the amps based on how much Sq Inch is in the tank or it will not plate at all