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how do they compare?

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  • jimcarry
    Re: how do they compare?

    I have done very well with the Copy Chrome and have posted pics because so many say a difference in color but even my customers cant tell I take my car to shows and I have some Chrome under the hood and some Copy Chrome no one can tell I have to let them know
    go here let me know what you think

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  • bhhodges
    well lets put it this way if you were plating a part for me that was originally chrome plated and you were just going to copy chrome it for me you wouldnt get my business becuase i would want it to be fully step by step chrome plated but the - factor with a full chrome "kit" is if the part or parts are in good shape without scratches then you are going to have little need for the acid copper that is used to build up/cover minor imperfections. if you are plating brass say with nickel then you will never use your copper. if i could get enough business just plating brass id probably quit my real job because it is just so easy to do.

    overall you will have to decide what type parts or material you will or might plate and build your systems from there.


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  • Mitch0331
    started a topic how do they compare?

    how do they compare?

    I'm desperate to get my hands into some kind of refinishing as a hobby / pt business. I am pretty sure I have decided on chroming rather than annodizing. How do the chroming kits compare? Is there a significant difference (level of difficulty in the process and the quality of the finish) in the Triple Chrome vs Copy Chrome vs Electroless Krome?

    I would "presume" the Triple Chrome give the best finish but how much better for the price?

    All your input is appreciated.