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  • How Many Watches?

    I resore a fair number of wristwatches, mostly older tank watches with maybe 1 sq. in. of surface area, how many watches can I expect to get out of a given amount of solution ie. 4,8 oz., 1 liter? I want to know about how much to figure in on the cost of each restoration.

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    Re: How Many Watches?

    First realize that the area you can plate depends on the thickness that you apply.

    That said, you can expect the following if you plate at an average thickness (until the part is completely covered)

    Plug N Plate
    4oz Gold - 0.5 - 1 sq ft
    4oz Silver - 1 sq ft
    8oz Nickel - 2 sq ft
    8oz Copper - 2 sq ft
    8oz Copy Chrome - 2 sq ft

    4oz - 4-6 sq ft
    FastGold is much more concentrated than our regular gold solution.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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