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  • Plating set-up for sale

    Hi. I've decided to focus my efforts business-wise on powder-coating, and therefore have decided to sell my 3 gallon Caswells triple chrome plating set-up. This includes the 3 gallon kit as described on the site, PLUS a lot of extras that you need to get up and running, including a rolling custom made cabinet to hold all the buckets with copper power buses and lighting similiar to one pictured in the manual and video, and a Kepco model JQE 15-50 CC/CV commercial labratory power supply that adjusts from 0-15 V and 0-50 amps, the buffing kit with different wheels and compound sticks (about 30% used), safety gear including chemical gloves and smock, one roll 500 ft of nichrome wire and panel fittings for use in chroming larger parts, and other accessory items. Add your buffer, sandblaster, and skill and be up and running in a fraction of the time and effort that it took me, and save some money in the process. I'm willing to sell the entire set-up for $1400 cash, as is-where is (buyer is responsible for picking it up in Columbia, Tennessee). You can reach me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Thanks, Jay Travis.

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    Reasonable offers?

    Hmm. OK; nobody seems to be interested at $1,400. What about, say, $1,200? Or reasonable offers? Anyone?


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      Im interested in the set-up, most notably the power supply. Can you tel me how old it is, (hours of use and do you have any pictures of it ?


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        Well, I don't know the hours of use since it doesn't have any kind of a Hobbs meter on it, but I've had it about a year and it is in excellent functioning condition. (A brand new one from Kepco will cost you $2,770 just for comparison) Post your e-mail (or send me an e-mail at the address below) and I can send you some photos of the entire set-up; power supply and all.


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          Sounds good,

          I can be reached at:

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            pictures sent

            Hi, Bart. I sent you a couple of pictures by my cameraphone; one of the chrome shop and one of the power supply.