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Heat effects on Chrome

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  • Heat effects on Chrome

    I have a couple of questions regarding how much heat chrome can withstand before it starts to discolor (blue) or burn completly off. Also, does "hard" chrome have a higher tolorance for heat than "deocorative" chrome?

    About what temp does each type of chrome begin to discolor and peel?

    Also, Is there any difference in the appearance of "hard" vs. "decorative"?

    If you were going to chrome a brake disk on a motorcycle should you use hard chrome or would decorative work? I have the complete plating manual, but I didn't see any of this addressed in there.


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    Re: Plug n plate kit for bathroom faucets ?

    Chrome plate starts to blue around 900?F. Chrome plate should never peel off.

    Hard Chrome has very different properties than decorative chrome. It is only used to build very wear resistant surfaces, such as hydraulic cylinders and can also be used to rebuild worn shafts. It is used mainly in an industrial setting and is not a "harder version of decorative chrome."

    Hard Chrome is a very dull colored plate.

    If plating any part on a bike, you'd use decorative chrome.

    Hard Chrome and Decorative Chrome are addressed in the manual, starting on page 89.
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